God’s Loving Rescue

God’s Loving Rescue

Unlike world religion that may require certain behaviors for people to become acceptable to their god. Therefore, they must perform intense labor, undergo self-denial, or observe specific rituals. But none of us can earn a place in heaven because we can never reach the Lord’s standard of utter perfection and holiness.
Becoming a Christian doesn’t require working or pleading for the heavenly Father’s acceptance. Our salvation comes through repentance of sin and faith in Jesus Christ­—God’s only begotten Son, who went to the cross to die in our place, thereby paying our sin debt in full.
What do you believe about Jesus Christ? Choosing to trust in Him is the most important decision you’ll ever make. After this life is over, all people will have to give account to God for their life. (See Rom. 14:12.) There will be no condemnation for those who have received the Savior, but for anyone who has rejected Him, the outcome will be eternal separation from God.Accepts God’s loving rescue by confessing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior and you shall be save. God goodness and Mercy shall follow you as you journey through the work week.


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